As a Christian school, one of the objectives for our students is to strengthen their relationship with Christ, and in some cases, come to know Christ. It is also our intent to introduce each child to the notion that they are serving God when they are kind and generous to their neighbors. We teach them that our love of Jesus is reflected in our respect for faith, family, others and self.


Chapel worship is held every week on Wednesdays.  Attendance is required of all students. The Reverend Mark D. Story, Rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Edmond, serves as chaplain and oversees all of the worship planning. Parents are cordially invited to attend all chapel services.

The reading or telling of stories from Holy Scripture is a significant part of the chapel experience.  Also students actively participate in the service by using their skills in reading and singing as well as serve as acolytes and readers while participating fully in the praise of God.

Time is given for individual prayers and expressions of concerns about others. The primary purpose of chapel is to hear God's word in Holy Scripture, rehearse the faith of the church in the Creedal Statement of Belief and offer prayers. Chapel is an offering of each child to the Lord - their thoughts, prayers, hopes, beliefs, and dreams.

The Middle School students also host an additional, monthly chapel service on the first Monday of the month.  Working across grades, middle school students work in  groups to take on the challenge of developing a lesson and an activity  which will be meaningful to the assembly.  Unsurprisingly, we are  continuously impressed with their efforts!


Religious Education classes are attended by students in grades 3  through 8.  Different aspects of the bible are studied, discussed and  applied to our everyday lives with lessons often being drawn from that  week's chapel service.  Students in grades 3 through 6 focus on either  the Old or the New Testament while students in grades 7 & 8 seek to  find deeper meaning through a "faith by understanding" curriculum.  Religious Education classes are led by Mrs. Jennifer England-Burnside 



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