For our three, four, and five year olds, we offer a developmental program designed to stimulate growth in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and cognitive skills.  A time of remarkable brain development, these years lay the foundation for future learning.  Curriculum at these levels is designed around the developing child.  Learning through play is instrumental in our programs, combined with high quality experiences that promote the important personal, social, and cognitive skills young children need. 

Concepts are introduced through learning centers, group activities, and teacher-directed activities. A multi-sensory approach is used for math, language arts, science, music, and motor development. The curriculums include a multi-sensory handwriting program, an award winning reading readiness program, a manipulative approach to math concepts, and an introduction to the arts.  Our hands-on programs reinforce specific skill areas and provide opportunities for practical thinking, problem solving, theme exploration, and social interactions.


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